Ramona on Corona and... by Pamela Goldman



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I didn’t want to spend the pandemic with just my husband (much as I love him).  And I didn’t want to give in to fear or sit around lamenting the loss of control over normal life. So I began writing.  And I couldn’t stop. When Katie Couric accepted my first essay for Wake-Up Call, her online newsletter, RAMONA ON CORONA was born.  She grew into a weekly column and now she is a book. I hope the memories enshrined here and the lessons learned will help bring some meaning to what we all went through.

Here's What They're Saying...

RAMONA’S musings are a mitzvah. She came to us during our darkest hour and has held our hand ever since, while simultaneously tickling our funny bone. Her wit and wisdom are the second best ‘shot in the arm’ we all crave!”

~ MEREDITH VIEIRA, Broadcast journalist and television host

“For a solid year, every Saturday morning I looked forward to reading the very talented Pam Goldman’s RAMONA ON CORONA diary in Katie Couric’s newsletter, WAKE-UP CALL. Hilarious and poignant, her column was a re-ality check and confirmation of the emotions we were all tumbling through during the worst of Covid. Even now, as the pandemic recedes, reading this collection is a comfort and a reminder that you are not alone. Consider it PPE---personal protective equipment for your sanity!”

~ BRUCE FEIRSTEIN, NY Times best-selling author, James Bond 007 screenwriter

“Enjoy RAMONA’S brush with Corona and other stories by Pam Goldman in this delightful, honest telling of one woman’s wit and wisdom during Covid’s reign of terror.”

~ SHEILA NEVINS, Executive Producer, MTV+Documentaries

"Pam Goldman's RAMONA is hilarious, relatable, and a joy to read. You'll wish she was your best friend....or your mom. Or both!” 

~ JOANNE LIPMAN, Journalist and bestselling author, That’s What She Said

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