Pioneers of Florida



Phil Eschbach, a ninth generation Floridian, was educated at the University of the South at Sewanee, Tennessee. A retired architecture and travel photographer, he has previously published two travel books on Egypt and Jordan. This book is about early Florida history.


I have finished every word of Pioneers of Florida! I really enjoyed it, as though I had taken a special trip, a tour through different times and worlds, and met some real characters along the way. I know the collection is intended for a very special audience, but I found it rich in incidental content and local color and enjoyed it for its valuable light on eighteenth- and nineteenth-century history, light thrown in directions I had never before seriously looked. I also think it did a good job of laying out the content clearly, making it easy to follow. In fact, I call it a valuable collection of genuine interest, even outside of the immediately intended audience, especially in the more personal notes and curious connections (King of Naples, how about that!)

~ J. Wring McCrady, historian

If you are looking for good reading material, this book has it. Phil Eschbach shares his family history in this book. Why is this important? His grandfather was the first settler that owned the property around our spring. He named it Spring Garden. It’s a great book, with pictures and maps.

~ Jay Stone, Park Ranger, DeLeon Springs

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