Goebius' Strange Model (Paperback)

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A company elaborates in great secrecy a project, vital to its very survival. As the project develops, it leads the protagonists far beyond the originally envisioned simple business strategy, and brings them close to the forefront of the physical laws governing the behavior of the universe.
Two intrigues intertwine... will they meet? Or do they form the single-sided face of a M bius strip?

This is a scientific thriller, accessible to everyone, without mathematics, and also a novel which will make the reader feel like deepening the exciting concepts shaping this story. Fascinating concepts such as chaos, entropy, isomorphisms, emergence, and strange loops invite themselves discreetly, although in a determinant way, into the fictional landscape and the plot.

The mathematician C dric Villani (Fields Medal 2010) wrote about it: "This book is as unexpected as a UFO and refreshing...

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ISBN: 9782955021910
ISBN-10: 2955021911
Publisher: Burger
Publication Date: December 16th, 2016
Pages: 252
Language: English