The Last Thing She Said (Paperback)

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"Beware of a man named Frederick and his offer of marriage."

Rose's granddaughters, Rebecca, Leia and Naomi, have never taken her prophecies seriously. But now that Rose is dead, and Naomi has a new man in her life, should they take heed of this mysterious warning?

Naomi needs to master the art of performing. Rebecca rarely ventures out of her house. She's afraid of what she might see. As for Rebecca's twin, everyone admires Leia's giant brain, but now the genius is on the verge of a breakdown.

Rebecca suspects Naomi's new boyfriend is hiding something. She begs Leia, now living in the US, to investigate.

Leia's search takes her to a remote farm in Ohio on the trail of the truth behind a tragic death.

Just who is Ethan? And what isn't he telling Naomi?

In a story full of drama and mystery, the sisters discover there is more that connects them than they realise, and that only together can they discover exactly what's behind Rose's prophecy.

Can talent be a hindrance or a help, and what if it can't be controlled or made public? Rebecca has a secret gift that she shares only with her husband. Naomi is a musician who wants to perform but doesn't know what the audience actually wants from her, and genius Leia is lonely and desperate for meaningful companionship. What unites them is Rose, their grandmother, who has knowledge about each of their futures, but allows fate to take its course unhindered.

Three Sisters. Three Gifts. One Prophecy.

A book for lovers of uplifting tales of family relationships, the thrill of a mystery that keeps the pages turning and a little magic.

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ISBN: 9781999630737
ISBN-10: 1999630734
Publisher: Spare Time Press
Publication Date: December 13th, 2018
Pages: 284
Language: English