Bricks: A Technothriller (Paperback)

Bricks: A Technothriller By Tony Bertauski Cover Image
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Fabbers, slabbers and fakies were dehumanizing slurs for fabricated humans. Bricks, however, was the People's favorite.

The Sentience Laws were created to protect the rights of Bricks, but the laws didn't last long. Banished to the remote isolation of the Settlement, Paul and Raine are sentenced to live the rest of their lives in the wilderness.

Escape and freedom will depend on Marcus Anderson, the man responsible for all the suffering that's been endured since the invention of biomites--the synthetic stem cells used to fabricate halfskins and Bricks. Marcus needs them in order to find the "powers-that-be," the man he believes is truly responsible for the world's suffering. Their journey will take them to a tiny island in the South Atlantic, where the truth is much closer than they realize. That's where they will discover the "powers-that-be".

And so much more.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781951432225
ISBN-10: 1951432223
Publisher: Tony Bertauski
Publication Date: September 4th, 2019
Pages: 356
Language: English