Eudaimonia (Paperback)

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The year is 2112. To combat the infertility epidemic plaguing the world, the United States government has established the Department of Propagation--the last defense against the extinction of the human race. The agency oversees, facilitates, and monitors all activities related to procreation.
Like many women in the twenty-second century, Bette Donovan is infertile and just scraping by. After a seemingly freak accident sends her to the hospital, Bette suddenly finds herself under the scrutiny of the Department of Propagation, triggering a series of changes that turn her life inside out. Soon, she is inside the shiny, clinical walls of the Department's birthing center. But the birthing center holds dark secrets. Confronted with the fallout of what a desperate society will do to survive, Bette's only hope is to escape. In any way possible.

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ISBN: 9781950301478
ISBN-10: 1950301478
Publisher: Quill
Publication Date: November 8th, 2022
Pages: 410
Language: English