The Allergic Boy Versus the Left-Handed Girl (Paperback)

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When Jimmy Nail finally gets around to reading the phenomenally popular novel The Left-Handed Girl, written by the iconic P.J. Darbin, he recognizes it immediately. It's his own book, the short novel The Allergic Boy, that Jimmy had written back in college, and given to Darbin to read, when they were both eager college students. That was before Jimmy dropped out of school. Before Jimmy joined the Army. Before Jimmy suffered a severe head injury that leaves him with screaming headaches and occasional confusion.

But it's his book. He knows it's his, even if no one will believe him. Not his wife. Not Darbin's big-city publisher. Not Darbin's team of lawyers. And not the mean-spirited judge who's assigned to hear Jimmy's lawsuit.

How can Jimmy prove that he's the true author of the hit novel and not just a greedy and addled war veteran with a head injury and a frivolous claim?

When his dusty old notebooks and his own memory convince no one, Jimmy knows that his only hope is to find the red-haired girl he'd been mad about as a teenager, the enigmatic Poppy Fowler.

Or Poppy Fahrenberg.

Or Poppy Fahrenheit.

Whatever her surname, she is Jimmy Nail's one and only hope.

His one and only hope for love.

His one and only hope to establish his sanity.

And his one and only hope to get the credit he deserves. The money, too. He can't forget the money.

But did Poppy even exist, or was she just the creation of Jimmy's sad and troubled mind?

Jimmy has lost everything. He's lost his wife and his daughter. He's lost his parents. He's lost his savings. What he hasn't lost is his love for a red-haired girl who may have been the basis for a novel that has made someone else world-famous and awfully rich.

In this unique and inventive novel, Michael Kun explores the nature of truth, the imperfection of memory, and the very idea of love. As Jimmy Nail learns that he must love whom he loves, regardless of appearance and even gender, Kun infuses Jimmy's quest with humor and emotional depth.

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ISBN: 9781950154517
ISBN-10: 1950154513
Publisher: Sager Group LLC
Publication Date: May 6th, 2021
Pages: 348
Language: English