My Immaculate Assassin (Paperback)

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Fiction. Maura Nelson, who has a sophisticated background in science, medicine, and programming, has stumbled upon a way to execute someone using only the computers in her home office--silently, anonymously, leaving no trace of violence, so that her target appears to have died of natural causes. Maura tests her method by eliminating Syrian tyrant Bashar al-Assad, but this experience affects her so deeply that she doesn't want to continue alone. She entices Jack Plymouth into a partnership to rid the world of those they decide need to be dead. Both a steamy romance and a cyber-thriller, MY IMMACULATE ASSASSIN raises disturbing and timely questions about the technology and morality of idealistic murder, carried out remotely.

A vividly striking yet subtly nuanced portrait of a family's past and future emerges despite, or perhaps because of, a present mired in perplexing uncertainty and assured grief. A marvel.--Booklist

A profoundly moving meditation on death, on a great and unsentimental familial love, on the role of storytelling, and on how hard it is to say goodbye to a beautiful life.--Jane McCafferty.

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ISBN: 9781936797776
ISBN-10: 1936797771
Publisher: Tupelo Press
Publication Date: September 1st, 2016
Pages: 256
Language: English