Murder at the Nightwood Bar (Kate Delafield Mystery #2) (Paperback)

Murder at the Nightwood Bar (Kate Delafield Mystery #2) By Katherine V. Forrest Cover Image
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Dory Quillin, nineteen-years old, her white-blonde hair ruffled by the gentle breezes of a June evening, lies dead in the parking lot of a lesbian bar. Her bewildered silver-blue eyes stare beseechingly into the mind and soul of the woman who kneels beside her: LAPD homicide detective Kate Delafield.

The investigation is far from a simple matter. Kate uncovers shocking facts about the brief life of the murdered young lesbian. She finds her road to the killer obstructed by Dory's uncooperative, judgmental parents, the waning interest of her own partner, and most frustrating of all, the open hostility of women who should be her allies--the lesbians who frequent the Nightwood Bar. Kate's emotional equilibrium is further disturbed by her powerful attraction to one of those women, the enigmatic Andrea Ross.

Who killed Dory Quillin? And why? Accompany Kate Delafield on her electrifying, emotional journey to the answer, an answer you will never forget.

A Kate Delafield Mystery Series Book 2.

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ISBN: 9781935226673
ISBN-10: 1935226673
Publisher: Spinsters Ink Books
Publication Date: January 1st, 2011
Pages: 210
Language: English
Series: Kate Delafield Mystery