Fish Bone Alley 2 (Paperback)

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Jack the Flasher

As a punishment the Detectives are assigned to the task of bringing a flasher to justice.

Bitterly cold weather with lots of snow, eccentric upper-class witnesses, a wooden leg, a Davy Crocket hat and Bobby's balls all play a part in a madcap tale that is both confusing and frustrating for our intrepid duo.

Who exactly is the Flasher? Where is he hiding out and is someone sheltering him?

Is anyone telling the truth about anything at all to try and cover up the fact that the Flasher may well be an aristocrat?

As the case drags on Potter reasons that murder could well be next on the menu after the sausage rolls and mince pies.

Even worse, and with only a few days left to the big day, Potter must ensure he not only remembers to buy Betty a Christmas present but makes certain it's a present, for once, she will truly love.

The Blue Diamond

A search through a bucket of poo at a murder scene reveals something that no one expected to turn up, initially leading the Detectives to believe the murder was a 'Don't mess with me' message. But as more bodies mount up in this bizarre case their initial theory is questioned.

What are the killer's motives? Simply revenge or a brutal attempt to cover up something far more sinister? One fact is certain; they have a seriously warped killer on their hands.

From a backyard privy to a circus, on to Tower Bridge and everywhere in between, the Detectives find themselves in a race against time to prevent even more killings. But the main witnesses keep disappearing; are they hiding out in fear of their lives or have they already been murdered?

The detectives quickly have a suspect but no real evidence to bring him to justice.

As the case drags on the Detectives find themselves set up and in mortal danger. Even with Mick 'The Mauler' O'Reilly's help, could this really be the end for our heroes?

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ISBN: 9781916405028
ISBN-10: 1916405029
Publisher: Platen Publishing
Publication Date: June 6th, 2019
Pages: 278
Language: English