The Astronaut, the Cake, and Tomorrow (Paperback)

The Astronaut, the Cake, and Tomorrow By Matt Sisson, Matthew James Kay (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Matt Sisson, Matthew James Kay (Illustrator)
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The world faces an unprecedented environmental crisis. At the same time, countries still struggle under the shadow of the 2008 financial crisis, and many commentators think another crash is imminent. Matt Sisson shows how our environmental and economic crises are connected, and how they are the result of a monetary and financial system that prioritises the ever-increasing consumption of the Earth's resources over the well-being of the majority of its inhabitants. If we are to all flourish within the sustainable limits of the Earth, we must challenge the perceived wisdoms of our age - from austerity to efficiency, and from growth to the 'free market'. We have been told that there are no alternatives, yet our existing system is neither permanent nor inevitable. The Astronaut, the Cake, and Tomorrow is a compelling look at the challenges we face, the connections between them, and the better world that could emerge if we can find the imagination and political will to bring it into being.

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ISBN: 9781907720758
ISBN-10: 1907720758
Publisher: Searching Finance Ltd
Publication Date: August 24th, 2014
Pages: 234
Language: English