A Month in the Life of Jackson Grimes (Hardcover)

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A year after absconding larger than life man-child, Jackson Grimes, returns to London. The city where he once gained fame and fortune as a restaurateur, raconteur and celebrated hell-raiser.

He moves into Claridge's Hotel where he carouses with reckless abandon -- devouring vintage champagne, fine food and finer whisky. All to the frustration of his dearest friend, Max, and his estranged wife and former business partner, Sandra.

Sandra aspires for a return to the "good old days". Max longs for even a semblance of order and sanity. Jackson just wants his dog back.

However, beneath his outrageous antics lies a darkness, rooted in a lifelong secret. When alone, the gleefully irreverent Jackson Grimes faces hopelessness and despair.

Until he meets the enigmatic and brave Julia at the moment she befalls a tragic accident. Forever altering the courses of all their lives...

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ISBN: 9781789557350
ISBN-10: 1789557356
Publisher: New Generation Publishing
Publication Date: September 9th, 2019
Pages: 222
Language: English