Peter The Great (Paperback)

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Dr. Peter Grande, a professor of Comparative Literature at a small liberal arts college, is on a glide path to a comfortable retirement when a financial crisis threatens to bankrupt his school. As one of the last tenured profs left standing, the fiscal emergency forces him back into the classroom to teach lowly undergrads full-time-a fate he has spent a lifetime trying to avoid. He soon discovers that today's students, entitled snowflakes all, are in no mood to do anything or learn anything they don't want to and when, in a moment of frustration, he explodes in anger at their disrespect, they see his outburst as an "off with his head" moment and demand the administration get rid of him. Faced with the probable loss of his job and with little hope of ever finding another, a chance encounter at a professional conference presents him with a way he might save himself. All he has to do is to figure out exactly how to play the new hand he's been dealt. Raw sex, adventure, heart-stopping tension...PETER THE GREAT has none of these, but it is a humorous satire of the foibles and follies of entitled academics who work hard at not working. It's an enjoyable read for those who have a jaundiced view of the current campus political environment.

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ISBN: 9781734354003
ISBN-10: 1734354003
Publisher: High Tiara Productions
Publication Date: December 3rd, 2019
Pages: 230
Language: English