The Hávamál (Paperback)

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The H vam l, the most sacred and mysterious part of the Elder Edda, was understood as the very Words of Odin, King of the Gods of Asgard, for centuries by the Norse Vikings and earlier Germanic peoples. Across the mists of time, this holy poem of wise advice to mankind, was the inspirations of some of the Germanic world's greatest explorers, warriors and heroes. The noble ethics of the brave Heathen faith of the Vikings are encapsulated in the H vam l, which remains just as relevant today as when it was first recited by the Skalds. Now it is translated line-for-line, un-altered, uncensored, side-by-side with the original text, in a powerful English edition for Odinists, Asatruars, Heathens, and all those who dare to learn the true meanings of the Words of the High One for themselves. WARNING: This is NOT another ""safe"" or ""politically correct"" academic translation. It is NOT watered-down to please the weak sheep of the ""new age"". This is the raw wisdom of the Gods, sorely needed by mankind. Hail Odin.

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ISBN: 9781732670518
ISBN-10: 173267051X
Publisher: Odin's Eye Press
Publication Date: October 14th, 2018
Pages: 160
Language: English