Blacker than Shakespeare's Ink: Diary of a Nostalgic Kid (Paperback)

Blacker than Shakespeare's Ink: Diary of a Nostalgic Kid By Cordney D. McClain Cover Image
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Blacker than Shakespeare's Ink: The Diary of a Nostalgic Kid is the debut poetry collection by poet Cordney "MAC Woods" McClain, whose work is a reflection of his community development efforts that strive to educate the next generation of new readers. "The Diary of a Nostalgic Kid" is an installment filled with work that is harmoniously personal, political, intimate, self-reflective, and confrontational. It is an inside look at the personal growth of a Black boy coming of age and becoming a Black man in America. From pop culture to gang violence, the ideals of televised engineering, religious and racial implications, and sex are all a summation of effects sculpting the person that he has become.

About the Author

Cordney "MAC Woods" McClain has obtained certifications in areas such as Financial Literacy Education, Project Management and Business Process Improvement. Passionate about educating Black youth, he has taken that education and conducted financial literacy workshops throughout the Oklahoma City Metro area. He has also served as Education Chairs for corporate companies, partnered with diversity councils and assisted in establishing relationships for The University of Oklahoma Outreach and minority mentoring programs. He is a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc., a soldier in the Oklahoma Army National Guard, and co-founder of Brothers 4 Progress, Inc. A husband and the father of two toddler girls, Cordney has his Master's in Business but since the time of his adolescence has studied the art of rhyming and fell in love with rap and its poetry origin. As an artist, Cordney's zealous yet eloquent messages pursue to inspire, evoke emotion, and present visions while giving a front row view of his personal narratives on race relations, class, religion, and personal evolution. His writing addresses the injustices as well as the beautiful complexities of this world with passion and a human sensitivity for shared experiences.

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ISBN: 9781546474357
ISBN-10: 1546474358
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: September 5th, 2018
Pages: 126
Language: English