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The Mill on the Floss is one of George Eliot's most treasured novels, wherein we follow Tom and Maggie Tulliver for more than a decade of their lives.
Published in 1860, the novel is set some decades prior with several allusions and references made to the Napoleonic Wars of the early 19th century. A primarily character-driven novel, we witness the emotional and intellectual development of the protagonist Maggie, and her elder brother whom acts as her mentor and friend. Meanwhile their family undergoes a series of crises, with potential bankruptcy approaching from the loss of the titular mill.
As the story progresses, we witness Maggie mature into a bright and intellectually curious young woman. However, her secluded rural upbringing prevents her gifts from being put to the greatest use; although bright and capable, she is isolated by the traditions and geographic realities the circumstances of her birth place her within. Maggie's father Mr Tulliver is her polar opposite; he is staunchly unwilling to give up or risk the family's place in rural society for the sake of his daughter's aspirations.
An important book for highlighting the limitations put upon young girls and women in 19th century society, we witness Eliot aptly connect the relationship between romantic life and maturing youth with the frustrations that Maggie endures. Thus, The Mill on the Floss demonstrates the damage to prospects which tradition can cement in a society.

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