Harambe The Gorilla: Dicks Out For Harambe (Paperback)

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Harambe the Gorilla was brutally murdered on the 28th of May 2016. Harambe was a humble, caring and beautiful gorilla who worked in the "Gorilla World" attraction at Cincinnati Zoo. This fantastically funny, erotic and touching narrative aims to immortalize the King of the Gorillas Harambe.
Warning: This Book contains sensitive material surrounding the death of our hero Harambe (GONE SEXUAL). If you are easily triggered I suggest proceeding with caution

TRIBUTE This novel is dedicated to the gentle giant Harambe. The world will never again be blessed with such a bright beacon of hope and love. Much like other celebrities and people of importance (such as President John F Kennedy, President Lincoln, John Lennon, Tupac Shakur and Zabuza Momochi), Harambe was murdered before his time. Harambe has transcended reality and will be forever immortalized in our prayers and our hearts. I would like to take this moment to encourage you all to honor our fallen hero. Dicks out old friend, dicks out.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Richard Stroker started his writing career in the field of academics. Stroker possess a Doctorate degree in Anthropology from Harvard University. Richard also traveled to the United Kingdom to complete a Masters degree in 'Meme Themed Dissing' from the prestigious University of Oxford. Stroker prides himself on his ability to fuse politics, history and homoerotic romance into an unarguably flawless narrative structure, time and time again. Richard Stroker has critically secured his place as being among the best young Harambe-centric homoerotic authors of the 21st century.

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