Pigtails and Potter's Field (Hardcover)

Pigtails and Potter's Field Cover Image
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The bond of sisters, the story of friends, the transgression of innocence, and the empowerment of hope... An inspiring work of realistic fiction portraying an Irish family and their struggle to overcome a devastating betrayal. Spanning the United States, Ireland, and England, this dramatic story chronicles the lives of three vibrant young women and their journeys through life, each having experienced sexual abuse as children. Overcoming great personal and emotional obstacles to achieve success in their chosen professions, a young pediatric nurse commits suicide at the height of her career. Valerie grapples with the circumstances surrounding her younger sister's life as never-revealed secrets come to light exposing debauchery at a level that causes her to search for truth and challenges her faith. Aided by a divine revelation and shocking testimonies from her closest friends, Val traces the path of perversion uncovering the exploitation of a beloved family member whose own abuse as a child ripples across one ocean and two generations.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781535606820
ISBN-10: 1535606827
Publisher: Kathleen Urquhart
Publication Date: September 21st, 2018
Pages: 658
Language: English