Love, the Internet, and Things (Paperback)

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You are human. You have the ability to think, analyze & imagine; to love, build and make decisions. Because decisions are what life is all about. You have been selected. Of the about 35.000 decisions you make every single day, AmI, the helper of tomorrow, influences almost all of them. Because, honestly, although you try your best, not all decisons you make are in your best interests. What is this book about? This book is a love story. A techno-novel. A mixture of fact and fiction, of things we do today (and might not even realize) and things we might do tomorrow (and still not realize it). Today's life, dear Reader, is all about Love, the Internet, and Things. About what it means to be human, about what it means to be treated as a digital entity, and how we change our world to make it more productive, understandable and entertaining. The story is of two individuals (who couldn't be more different from each other) that find the love of a lifetime. What would the world be like if all our personal information was handled by a machine much wiser than ourselves? What if our decisions, be it our career, funds or love life, were based on millions of small amounts of data, and not by our own limited knowledge? AmI promises a better life, a better society. Daniel, AmI's inventor and architect, strongly believes this is so. He meets someone that could destabilize not only the perfect functioning system and the world, but most of all, his inner self.

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ISBN: 9781500368746
ISBN-10: 1500368741
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: October 13th, 2016
Pages: 546
Language: English