The Pipes Are Calling (Paperback)

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Randall Grey was fifty-two years old; he would not see fifty-three. He had spent the last sixteen years in this ten-by-ten-foot cell, seeing the light of day, feeling the warm sun or the cool rain, for one hour out of twenty-four. Tomorrow morning, he would pay for the brutal murder of his cheating wife.

Frank Bianco was a good ol' boy, a rural North Carolina hard-working family man. He drove a Ford pickup, took his family to church more Sundays than not, and kept his grass cut nice and neat. He played softball and horseshoes, coached little league football, and more than anything else, he loved to fish.

Randall had been highly successful. An independent manufacturers' representative, he made millions for his clients, and millions of his own.

Frank had inherited his father's contracting business. While he was an excellent carpenter and craftsman, he was an inept businessman, and he was on the verge of bankruptcy.

Randall Grey and Frank Bianco, the ruthless murderer and the kind family man, as different as two people could possibly be, until that July morning when their lives suddenly and violently converged. Now, Randall has a second chance at life, and that life is driven by one thing: Revenge.

David Robertson Miller is the author of "Thou Shalt Not Scoff, A Rational Unity of Science and Religion," and "The Rogue and Other Stories," as well as numerous collections of poetry and music. Dave lives with his wife, Ann, and their dog, Buddy, in the North Carolina barrier islands, in a little house called, "Island Time."

"The Pipes Are Calling" is his debut novel.

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ISBN: 9781088065709
ISBN-10: 1088065708
Publisher: David R Miller
Publication Date: November 7th, 2022
Pages: 408
Language: English