The Cats of America (Paperback)

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Curious how cats shaped US history?

Love a darn good All-American cat story?


--A cat from The Mayflower gave birth on Plymouth Rock?

--That Abraham Lincoln fed his darling Tabby with a golden spoon?

--A fancy show cat named Cherry Pop was presented with the keys to San Francisco?

-- Alaskan prospectors paid dearly for expert rodent-control--with gold dust?

This unique book has a ton of fun cat stories, unusual trivia and quirky feline facts that are sure to entertain you.


--How brave mama cats stopped kidnappers and dragged kittens from the flames.

--How ordinary, everyday cats broke into show business and advertising.

--How a Texas tabby lived to be 38.

--Why astronauts at NASA look to our feline friends for guidance.

--How Hemingway founded his very own cat dynasty.

--How "cat signs" led lonely, wandering hobos to warm meals from kindly ladies.

AND, how your darling little kitten might just be a tax deduction...

My name is Seamus Mullarkey. For the past year I've been looking up old newspapers, leafing through out-of-print books, and scouring the Internet to get to the heart of just how those darn kitties have won out nation's hearts. I've collected all that fascinating information within the covers of this entertaining and intriguing little book.

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ISBN: 9781087982304
ISBN-10: 1087982308
Publisher: Seamus Mullarkey
Publication Date: December 29th, 2021
Pages: 156
Language: English