Sorry, We're Dead: Clover and Curses: a supernatural noir (Paperback)

Sorry, We're Dead: Clover and Curses: a supernatural noir By Angie Bee Cover Image
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Things are never dull for private eyes Virgil Meriweather and Warrenwick Gam. While vampire War's angelic ladylove Nora befriends an unusual orphan, werepanther Virgil has a shock when ex-flame Molly Mason, the city's top witch, begs him for help: a customer has dropped dead of a hex in her diner and the police suspect one of her girls is responsible. Virgil takes Molly's case, convinced her Clover Coven is being framed. Working alongside the NYPD's newest detective, vampire Lucretia Crux, Virgil sets out to uncover the truth. Meanwhile, War's busy with a mummy's treasure. Pharaoh Khasekhem's slumber was disturbed by archaeologist Sir Colin Davenport, and the undead king's facing steep legal opposition in the reclaiming of his funerary goods. With fae mobsters, an impending wedding, preter prejudice, and a muckraking journalist complicating things for everyone, the office of Gam, Meriweather, and Yoo has their work cut out for them ...

Product Details
ISBN: 9781006666179
ISBN-10: 1006666176
Publisher: Blurb
Publication Date: September 3rd, 2021
Pages: 476
Language: English