Wilful Blindness, How Criminal a Network of Narcos, Tycoons and Chinese Communist Party gents Infiltrated the West (Paperback)

Wilful Blindness, How Criminal a Network of Narcos, Tycoons and Chinese Communist Party gents Infiltrated the West By Sam Cooper, Charles Burton (Foreword by), Teng Biao (Introduction by) Cover Image
By Sam Cooper, Charles Burton (Foreword by), Teng Biao (Introduction by)
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This extensive second edition provides readers with a whole new Chapter titles Intelligence March 2022(17,500 +) The new and compelling insights focust on the nexus of infiltration operations of not only China but that of Russia and Iran. Agents whose goal is to undermine the very democracy we hold dear. Politicians and business elite including former Ambassador to Canada, Dominic Barton facilitated and helped the criminal enterprises get a secure hold in the West.

Cooper has exposed the close ties between Chinese nationals who are dedicated to Beijing and have bought influence with all political parties in Canada. It's about time that former PM's cut their lucrative arrangements with the PRC and Cooper makes a compelling case as to how money through these networks has undermined our political process and policy engagement with the Peoples Republic of China .

Sam's vigorous journalism on tracking and exposing money laundering has been crucial in the national push to reform and update Canada's laws. This book pulls his work, and indeed the work of many professionals, into one explosive narrative. Canadian lore often pitches our country as a well-meaning good partner in the world. But as Sam's report has shown, we are a node in global systems of corruption and crime, with the infiltration and implications only becoming worse over time.

James Cohen, President of Transparency International Canada

"A Gripping read that you won't want to put down"

Benedict Rogers, Hong Kong Watch

"This is a must-read book for concerned citizens who want to keep their democratic societies free"

Solomon Yue, Vice-Chair and CEO, Republicans Overseas

A cast of accomplices - governments hungry for revenue, casino and real estate companies with ties to shady offshore wealth, professional facilitators including lawyers and bankers, an aimless RCMP that gave organized crime room to grow - all combined to cause this tragedy. There was greed, folly, corruption, conspiracy, and wilful blindness.

Decades of bad policy allowed drug cartels, first and foremost the Big Circle Boys - powerful transnational narco-kingpins with ties to corrupt Chinese officials, real estate tycoons, and industrialists - to gain influence over significant portions of Canada's economy. Many looked the other way while B.C.'s primary industry, real estate, ballooned with dirty cash. But the unintended social consequences are now clear: a fentanyl overdose crisis raging in major cities throughout North America and life spans falling for the first time in modern Canada, and a runaway housing market that has devastated middle-class income earners.

Could China and Iran have insight into Canada's deepest national security secrets and influence on investigations? According to the evidence Cooper has found, Ortis had oversight of many investigations into transnational money laundering networks and insight into sensitive probes of suspects seeking to undermine Canada's democracy and infiltrate the United States.

Wilful Blindness is a powerful narrative that follows the investigators who refused to go along with institutionalized negligence and corruption that enabled the Vancouver Model, with Cooper drawing on extensive interviews with the whistle-blowers; thousands of pages of government and court documents obtained through legal applications; and large caches of confidential material available exclusively to Cooper.

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