12 Principles to Make Your Life Extraordinary (Paperback)

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Bishop E.W. Jackson was born and raised in the poor neighborhoods of Chester, PA, near Philadelphia. He lived in foster care from infancy. By the age of ten, he was a juvenile delinquent, failing in school, and member of a gang.

He went from an uncontrollable foster child to an academic achiever; from a street kid to a Marine; and from the public schools of Chester to Harvard Law School. He was the only one of his five siblings to graduate from college, and would go on to become a lawyer, businessman, pastor, politician, and author.

In addition to serving as Bishop and Senior Pastor of The Called Church, he is the Founder and President of STAND Foundation Inc., (Staying True to America's National Destiny) a nonprofit organization dedicated to uniting people across racial and cultural lines to preserve our country's Judeo-Christian heritage and values.

This is the expanded and updated version of his 2008 book. Nine years of experience have passed, including a candidacy for Lieutenant Governor of Virginia. In sum, this volume contains the Christ centered truths that have taken him from tragedy to triumph; from lack to abundance; and from sorrow to joy. The lessons learned through forty years of walking with God are shared in these pages.

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ISBN: 9780692863244
ISBN-10: 0692863249
Publisher: Stand Foundation Inc.
Publication Date: March 17th, 2017
Pages: 200
Language: English