Restoring True Worship: Worship that is acceptable and pleasing to the Lord (Paperback)

Restoring True Worship: Worship that is acceptable and pleasing to the Lord By K. Bobie Amankwatia Cover Image
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Are the singing and style music all there is to worship? Though the word worship floats across all denominational circles more than ever, it is often misunderstood and misused. Your spiritual encounter with the Lord would be much more profound to honor and glorify the Father as you grasp and practice True Worship. Many tend to exclude the teaching and preaching of the Word, the offering, and the ministry time when they think or talk about worship. That has reduced worship to a predetermined performance by others to engage the emotions. Sadly, much of what we call worship today has slowly slid into a form of entertainment for the congregation's pleasure. More than ever, it is essential to separate authentic worship experience where one encounters the manifest presence of the Lord from something that is more like an emotional high. The first mention of worship in Scripture was when Abraham and his son Isaac went up Mount Moriah not to sing songs, with musicians playing diverse instruments under a flashing lighting system, but to offer the son he loved, his most cherished possession as a sacrifice to the God, he revered. That was an encounter with God that we can consider True Worship. The purpose of the book is to awaken the people of God to evaluate their attitude and posture towards worship to capture its true meaning and essence for a more profound encounter with God. It offers the reader the opportunity to discover Ezra's leadership principles in restoring True Worship in Jerusalem as we explore: - The meaning and essence of True Worship - Portrait of a true worshiper - Experiencing God's glory in true worship - Hindrances to True Worship.

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Publication Date: February 28th, 2022
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